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Structural  and Concrete Engineering office 

Competences of our structural & design engineering office: studies for openings in walls or a load bearing walls, floor joists computation, project management, project budgeting, project monitoring and acceptance on behalf of our customers.

project management, structural engineering, consulting

Located in Paris Area, we are dedicated to provide you the best engineering service for your projects such as opening load bearing walls, structure calculations, design & computation of joists.  We also visit our customers to do consulting works such as checking house structures, establishing wall conditions, foundations checking, advising on your home projects....
We will be most glad to assist you as well with your project budget should it be small or large scale projects.

We most welcome all our customers being individuals or professionals such as condominium associations, architects...

Your satisfaction is our priority.


opening in a wall, steel beam, engineering
At BET-Structuris, we have developped a core business of proximity service and we mainly operate with the following engineering and services : 
  • Opening in walls whether they are load bearing or not :

    • Combining rooms

    • Opening to create bay window

  • Steel beams or lintels to support loads

  • Structural computations (joist, floor opening, stairwell, staircase)

  • Support visit to provide with technical advise/recommandations.

  • Project management and monitoring

  • Consulting and advising to repair wall cracking or other defects

  • Improving the conditions of your residence

  • Preparing technical documents for choosing the right material and the right support

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